The Final Curtain

of Footprints Theatre​

Once upon a time two young drama teachers had a dream of creating a theatre company which would tour the country and perform for audiences of all ages – 40 years on and Footprints Theatre are still treading the boards and delighting thousands of children and adults every year!

But the end of 2018 will see the end of an era as we drop the final curtain on the work of the Trust. Before we go, we want to give all you wonderful schools out there a last chance to see some of our best stories ... so, quick!

Get on the phone or email us and book one of our brilliant off-timetable days, Story Tents, or maybe just a single story performance for your whole school. The clock is ticking!

We will miss you ... but don’t miss your chance!

Janet Stickley


 Once Upon a Dream

A day which hits literacy targets while seeking to raise children’s aspirations and to encourage them to go for their dreams.

We had a dream of a theatre company who would tell stories to audiences of all ages that has carried us through 40 years. As Footprints Theatre prepares to bow out, we want to take this chance to share with you some of our favourite story performances – as well as sharing with your children the idea that with hard work and determination they could achieve their own dreams for their lives in the future.

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The One World Stories Day

A special off-timetable day for Primary Schools celebrating a rich variety of cultures from around the world. Our dedicated day provides your school with a unique focus on Cultural Diversity, Citizenship, PHSE and Literacy. It can also slot neatly into One World Week.

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Jesse Tree Day

A wonderful whole-school RE project. Help your children to engage with Bible characters and the whole span of the Old and New Testaments. Your pupils will enjoy a rich and hugely stimulating day enjoying the colourful narratives from our two storytellers and complementary activities provided by their teachers. As off-timetable days go, this is one of the best!

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