Footprints Theatre Company was formed in 1978 to provide original theatre performance and drama workshops for adults and children. Its founders, Steve & Janet Stickley, were both originally trained as drama teachers and the work of the company mushroomed throughout the following five years taking in schools, festivals, promotional tours for organisations and other special events.

Footprints was registered as a UK Charity (no. 277884).

The Middle Bit

In 1984 Footprints settled in Nottingham and focused upon Educational Theatre as its main aim. Over the next ten years or so it produced many Theatre-in-Education programmes, projects for schools, community performances and a few videos here and there - as well as radio broadcasts. Significant Commissions from clients such as the NSPCC, Legoland UK, BBC Schools Radio, Central TV Community Unit, Derbyshire County Council, TEAR Fund and Scripture Union provided opportunities for innovative initiatives alongside the company's sustained community and schools output.

As a result of some necessary downsizing in the later 1990s, the company started looking at Solo Storytelling Performances to provide a new and more sustainable emphasis for its work. In 2000 with funding from the Millennium Festival Fund, Footprints wrote and produced its own contemporary versions of some of the mediaeval Mystery Plays, creating a unique project attracting many hundreds of schoolchildren in the East Midlands over three years.

Footprints Theatre Company became Footprints Theatre Trust during this period.

Recent Years

The beginning of the 21st century has seen Footprints consolidate its school work with Solo Storytelling Performances for the Primary sector in schools and has since built up its repertoire to somewhere in the region of 85 stories to meet all manner of needs within the school curriculum and also for the Christmas and Easter festivals. Each story lasts a minimum of 30 minutes. Hundreds of thousands of children have enjoyed a rich variety of stories, not to mention many grateful teachers.

By 2012, Footprints decided it missed touring the UK nationally and so created 'All Aboard the Fishy Tales' which celebrates our rich storytelling heritage for an all-age audience ... wherever the company can find them.