Christmas & Easter Stories

Footprints Theatre Trust offer you
Three fine stories for


The Sad Angel 

Nimbus is at Angel School and has a lot to learn. Her special friend, a dove named Rouach, takes Nimbus to join in the choir at the first Christmas. As Jesus grows up, Nimbus sees how brilliant his miracles are, but when Jesus is killed Nimbus is extremely sad. Dependable Rouach is there, though, to help Nimbus announce a very happy ending indeed! This simple participatory story uses familiar song tunes for Early Years.

This is a solo performance lasting approximately 45 minutes.

Foundation /Year 1

The Three Trees

A New World legend explaining the link between the Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter in a gentle and humorous way with live action painting. Each tree has a dream which doesn’t look as though it will come true ... but it does in such an unexpected way. Through this story your children will see episodes from Jesus’s life (the Nativity, the Calming of the Storm and the Crucifixion) from a very different point of view.

Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1

Donkey Daze

Don, the irrepressible donkey, manages to grab the limelight at every opportunity. Using rhythm and song, this humorous account of the days leading up to Easter deals sensitively with the sadness and exhilaration of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Key Stages 1 & 2