Christmas & Easter Stories


The supermarkets are getting ready to stock their shelves with Easter eggs again – so don’t forget to treat your  children with some Footprints’ Easter goodies!!

A Really Mice Story ...

Glum, Snoffle and Wiz-Woz are a family of mice with nowhere to live. From tree to box to rocks on a hill – nothing seems safe. Their only hope is a dark and frightening cave which finally holds the most remarkable secret of all. This endearing new story gives a mouse’s view of that first Easter Day..

This is a solo performance lasting approximately 45 minutes.

Foundation /Key Stage 1

That’s Mine!

A very bad criminal finds he is set free quite unexpectedly. But what will he do now? The fascinating and often overlooked story of Barabbas in the Bible at the original Easter.

The story of how Barabbas was set free is told by an imagined jailer who meets both the robber and Jesus. Using rhythm and participation young audiences will be helped to view the Easter story from a different angle.

Key Stages 1&2

Costa's Fire

Costa’s Fire follows a reluctant recruit to the Roman army in 30 AD who eventually deserts his post. Troubled by his conscience and threat of execution if he is caught, Costa turns to a new life, thanks mainly to a few chance encounters with a particular Jewish rebel named Jesus … Participation and intrigue bring Easter events alive.

Key Stage 2


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Our exciting stories for Christmas will be announced soon.