Christmas & Easter Stories

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Three fine stories for


A Really Mice Christmas ...

Glum, Snoffle and Wizwoz find themselves in a very dark place as they search for a home. The night is long and there are many worrying shadows and noises in the new stable they have found. But unexpected visitors and the songs they sing bring change and everything is bathed in angel-bright joy.

This is a solo performance lasting approximately 45 minutes.

Foundation /Key Stage 1

Shepherds’ Song!

The ever popular tale of Dan, a young shepherd boy, who saves the day by thwarting Mac the Sheep Stealer’s plan to nick a lamb. Suddenly there’s angels and confusion as Dan’s brothers retrieve the stolen goods. Lots of good-hearted music and merriment at the very first Christmas as the three shepherd lads from Baaarnsley seek to understand exactly what’s going on.

Key Stages 1&2

An Ordinary Joe

Joe, a carpenter, tries to piece together all the strange events of the last six years since the birth of his son – angelic visitations, star gazers, astonished shepherds, mad kings. The little boy proves to be an able helper in unravelling the mystery of the unexpected birth. With audience participation and songs, this solo performance explores the Christmas narrative through the eyes of the often over-looked husband of Mary.

Key Stages 1 & 2