Jesse Tree Day

The whole Bible for the whole School in ONE DAY!

A wonderful whole-school RE project. Help your children to engage with Bible characters and the whole span of the Old and New Testaments. Your pupils will enjoy a rich and hugely stimulating day enjoying the colourful narratives from our two storytellers and complementary activities provided by their teachers. As off-timetable days go, this is one of the best!

The Jesse Tree is often seen carved into the screens of old churches. Our special day is designed to tell the story of the whole Bible for all ages across the primary range. However, Footprints can tailor a modified version for either FS / KS 1 or KS2. (Contact the Footprints’ office to discuss options.)

God’s Busy Week

Dark. Light. Water. Earth. Sun, Moon & Stars ... A simple, delightful account of the Biblical story of the seven days of Creation with a joining-in song and a basketful of colours and props. Very suitable for Foundation Stage and their grown-ups. 

Foundation / Key Stage 1.

Cowan’s Apple

Young Cowan is a barrel maker in Medieval England learning how to perform the story of Adam and Eve. Things go badly wrong along the way, but will his dad ever forgive him? 

Key Stage 2.

Nora’s Ark

You’d think that Noah would have enough on his mind with animals and torrential rain, without his wife Nora organising things. Lots of sea shanties to help the story along.

Key Stages 1&2.

Jonah the Moaner

A rhythmical rendering of the adventures of the world’s most reluctant missionary. Watch out for storms, gigantic fish, hungry worms and sunburn! 

Key Stages 1&2.

David & Goliath

A humorous retelling of this classic using rhythm and song. There are sleepy sheep, a worried king, windy wet-leg soldiers and brutish bullies.

Key Stages 1&2.

The Three Trees

A New World legend explaining the link between the Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter in a gentle and humorous way with live action painting.

Foundation / Key Stage 1.

Leg It Larry

Heaps of forgiveness in the Wild West musical version of the Prodigal Son. Among the characters are Vera the Vulture, Ricky the Rat, Buffalo Mo – as well as Larry, Harry and brother Barry. Key Stages 1&2.

As Long As It’s Wide

An African version of The Good Samaritan. Lots of participation and fun with vultures, masked robbers, motorbikes and the world’s most miserable café owner. 

Key Stages 1&2.

Rock Solid

Amid his enthusiasm to get rid of the robbing Roman army, Peter the disciple learns an awful lot about seeing the world differently. Caution ... there’s smelly fish about. 

Key Stage 2.


Jesse Tree Day:

for up to 5 class-sized groups £625 

for 6 to 8 class-sized groups £675
maximum charge £725 for 9+ class-sized groups.

Two storytellers for one day including a planning meeting when we will discuss the programme of the day with you.