Traditional Tales Day


Designed for Foundation and Key Stage 1 Children, this exciting, off-timetable day gives every child a chance to hear three traditional tales told by one of our two professional storytellers. The whole school enjoys one story at the beginning of the day and another story for everyone at the end of the day.

The third story for each class will be selected by the children, on the day, from the Ten Terrifc Tales in our Patchwork Story Sack and delivered to them in their own classroom.

Loaded with rhythm, rhyme, age appropriate humour and vocabulary – and with plenty of opportunities for joining in, the day is guaranteed to excite and satisfy.

During the day we invite each class to work on a large scale piece of art (painting, collage, junk model etc) which relates to their own choice of traditional tale. These will be viewed at the end ofthe day when we gather all the stories together again around our big Patchwork Sack.

Your Terrific Tales on the day can include a selection of the following:

Group A

The Three Little Pigs

Stone Soup 

Jack and the Beanstalk 

The Ugly Duckling 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Group B

Little Red Riding Hood 

The Frog Prince

Three Billy Goats Gruff 

Chicken Licken

The Enormous Turnip.

Group C

The Elves and the Shoemaker

The Gingerbread Man

The Little Red Hen

The Princess and the Pea

The Magic Porridge Pot.

NB – Each set of stories is assigned to one storyteller and therefore subject to availability.


Terrific Traditional Tales:

for single entry infant schools up to 4 class-sized groups £625 
for double entry infant schools with 5 to 8 class-sized groups £675

maximum charge £725 for 9+ class sized-groups.